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The Instructions for visitors

Issuing time:2021-01-07 10:48

According to the regulations of the measures for the management of business secrets of the company, in order to further strengthen the security work in the company's foreign-related work and ensure the personal safety of visitors, the following regulations are made on the matters that should be observed during their entry into the factory.

1. Visitors should strictly abide by our rules and regulations;

2. Without permission, refuse to take the opportunity to communicate with our staff, and ask for contact information (such as telephone number, wechat, etc.);

3. Without permission, we are not allowed to ask, take photos or take pictures of our technical information, business information and relevant information stipulated in the contract (see the instructions for details);

4. Must be accompanied by our reception personnel, and in the designated area or route activities;

5. Visitors are not allowed to stay in our office and operation site without permission;

6. Relevant information learned by visitors during their stay in our company, including but not limited to the information specified in the above scope, shall only be used for cooperation projects with HuaPu company and shall not be disclosed to third parties. If it is used by a third party or for other projects, the agreement of HuaPu company must be obtained.

Description: technical information includes but is not limited to technical scheme, engineering design, manufacturing method, process flow, technical index, computer software, database, research and development record, technical report, test report, experimental data, test result, drawing, sample, prototype, mold, mold, operation manual, technical document, relevant correspondence, etc. Business information includes but is not limited to business decisions, strategies, marketing plans, bidding documents, financial information, customer list, source information, personnel files, etc.

Visitors must strictly abide by the above regulations.

If it refuses to accept the regulation, HuaPu company has the right to refuse visitors to enter the factory.

In case of non-compliance with the designated regional activities, HuaPu company has the right to remind the visitors and ask them to correct in time.

If the equipment such as photography or video camera is brought into the factory without permission, the receptionist and staff of HuaPu company have the right to ask the visitors to take the equipment out of the factory. If the equipment is rejected, HuaPu company has the right to detain it.

If the visitor still fails to comply with this provision after being reminded, HuaPu company reserves the right to recourse against the visitor's company or to sue in accordance with legal procedures.

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