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"2017 China International Special Paper Exhibition"

Issuing time:2017-09-27 11:20

"2017 national special paper technology exchange meeting" and "2017 China International Special Paper Exhibition" will be held in Quzhou City, Zhejiang Province from October 15 to 19, 2017, sponsored by China pulp and paper research institute, China paper society, Quzhou Municipal People's government, organized by special paper Committee of China paper Society (hereinafter referred to as special paper Committee), and co organized by machinery and equipment professional committee of China paper society The 12th annual meeting of special paper committee will be held at the same time.

2017 is the year of deepening the structural reform on the supply side in an all-round way. Affected by the increase of "de capacity and de inventory", more stringent environmental protection regulations, and the closure and bankruptcy of many small-scale special paper enterprises, the prices of special paper products have also ushered in an upward trend after the prices of ordinary paper such as packaging paper and box board paper have risen. At the same time, affected by the weakening of RMB exchange rate, the increase of transportation costs and the rise of raw material prices, the production costs of special paper enterprises have also increased significantly, and the pressure of survival has increased sharply. In such a complex and changeable environment, how will the special paper industry develop? How will the special paper enterprises recognize the situation and adjust the development strategy? This conference integrates the special paper technology exchange meeting, annual meeting, Summit Forum and exhibition. More than 20 domestic and foreign special paper experts, scholars and entrepreneurs have been invited to give lectures and exchanges on the above issues, and jointly discuss the new technologies and new achievements of special paper and related industries at home and abroad, as well as the current situation and development trend of special paper market. It is expected that more than 400 people will attend the annual meeting and nearly 2000 people will visit the exhibition.

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